What Is Hemp Extract

Hemp has played a role in human civilization for the past 10,000 years for various utilitarian, economic and medicinal purposes. Recently, hemp extract oils are enjoying a renaissance among those who are discovering the myriad beneficial uses to maintain wellness.  Hemp extract is produced from compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. It is extracted in small batches from organically grown hemp, processed for purity and potency, and then sent to third-party labs to ensure quality.

Hemp extract compounds are known to possess natural properties that provide a wide spectrum of potential benefits. In the past decade, hemp extract has gained distinction for the way it interacts with human biological systems. Studies suggest it may help support various aspects of our health. As a result, millions of people are turning to hemp extract products , such as oils and edibles to help them lead healthier, more active lifestyles in a completely natural way.

What is Hemp Extract Oil?

Oils and tinctures are the most common type of hemp extract products in the market due to their convenience and ease of use. Hemp extract oils can be taken directly or mixed into foods and beverages such as coffee, fruit bowls, and smoothies. Another reason hemp extract oils are extremely popular is that they are usually available in different strengths, varying from moderate to highly potent, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced users. 

While oils provide a simple, practical introduction to hemp extract, there is more to this beneficial compound than just oils. As opposed to other natural extracts, hemp extract is impressively versatile. In fact, hemp extract can be formulated into edibles such as hemp extract gummies, topicals such as hemp creamsherbal capsules, and even hemp extract treats for dogs and cats.